Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 96 - Before and after pics

So! Today, as reported yesterday, was supposed to be Core Synergistics. Instead, we did a workout from Insanity called Max Recovery, and later, a workout from P90X+ called Total Body Plus. Max Recovery started out like fast-paced yoga, and I was really enjoying it. Then it got hard. Everything felt great though, and the 45 minutes went by in a flash. I was shocked when he said "time for the cool down!" It felt like 20 minutes. The Total Body Plus workout was a bit of everything; lots of push ups, squats and lunges. It also flew by. It doesn't feel like I did two workouts today, I feel great!

And on that note, Chris took my 90 day photos today, and I compiled my Day 0, 30, 60 and 90 day photos into one. And voila - before and after pictures! I'm so happy with my progress. I love my abs, and I'm definitely going to work to make them better. My arms and shoulders are so toned it's ridiculous, and I actually have calf muscle definition! Loving it!! We'll be doing measurements and weights tomorrow, so I will post those tomorrow - my last post!! I can't believe it!



  1. WAY! TO! GO! YOU LOOK AMAZING! You have truly inspired me! I can not wait to start, which is tomorrow!

  2. Thanks Shandal! I hope you and your husband enjoy the program - can't wait to see your results! :)

  3. you got great results check out mine!!!

  4. Hey, great abs. You sure toned up well.
    I have completed P90X, but never got the result I want becuz of my ridiculous diet. I am not doing Insanity and than Insanity Asylum. Anyway Great results.

  5. Great results! Keep up the good work! Bring It! Idk if you've looked into shakeology but it can totally boost your program and give you unbelievable results!