Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 97 - The end!

This is it - my final post. I'm not ready to say goodbye!

Today I did Fountain of Youth. I have no idea what I was supposed to do, but I love the yoga so much I wanted to do it! I can't BELIEVE my flexibility. My hamstring stretches are so much better now than they were, even a few weeks ago! Sitting, I can reach around a yoga block at my feet. That's so crazy; I never dreamed I'd be able to do that. The results show it, too: a staggering 11 inch increase in my toe touch. I am so happy with my results I could cry. I posted my before and after photos yesterday, and as promised, I'm posting my final measurements today.

So, I guess this is it! For anyone interested, I'll be keeping a general life blog, which you can find here. To the strangers that have been reading and commenting on this blog, thank you. It's great to know that I am an inspiration for others, and the fact that I do inspires ME. To my friends and family who followed me through these 90 97 days, thank you. Your words and encouragement really did keep me going. I appreciate your support, so much. And to Christopher: my best friend, my motivation, my support and my rock.. THANK YOU. If it weren't for you, honestly, I wouldn't have had the results I have now. I loved your patience, and your gentle but firm reminders to keep pushing through. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

And that's all from me. I'm officially an X grad! Thank you, Tony! Goodbye, P90Xers, and keep bringing it!


Day 0: 124 lb
Day 30: 123 lb
Day 60: 123 lb
Day 90: 123 lb

Day 0: 32"
Day 30: 31"
Day 60: 32"
Day 90: 32"

Day 0: 27"
Day 30: 27"
Day 60: 26"
Day 90: 27"

Day 0: 34"
Day 30: 33.5"
Day 60: 34"
Day 90: 33"

Right thigh
Day 0: 19"
Day 30: 19"
Day 60: 19"
Day 90: 20"

Left thigh
Day 0: 18"
Day 30: 19"
Day 60: 19"
Day 90: 20"

Right arm
Day 0: 10.5"
Day 30: 10.5"
Day 60: 10.75"
Day 90: 10.5"

Left arm
Day 0: 11"
Day 30: 10.5"
Day 60: 10.5"
Day 90: 10.5"

Day 0: 7
Day 30: 11
Day 60: 20
Day 90: 21

Wide-grip pull-ups
Day 0: 1/2
Day 30: 3/4
Day 60: 3/4
Day 90: 1

Toe touch
Day 0: -5" (5" away from touching toes)
Day 30: +2" (2" past toes)
Day 60: +4" (4" past toes)
Day 90: +6" (6" past toes)

Wall squat
Day 0: 1 minute 3 seconds
Day 90: 1 minute 25 seconds

Day 0: 1/2
Day 90: 2 1/2

Bicep curls
Day 0: 23 with 10 lbs
Day 90: 20 with 15 lbs

In and outs (the ab test)
Day 0: 21
Day 90: 50

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Day 96 - Before and after pics

So! Today, as reported yesterday, was supposed to be Core Synergistics. Instead, we did a workout from Insanity called Max Recovery, and later, a workout from P90X+ called Total Body Plus. Max Recovery started out like fast-paced yoga, and I was really enjoying it. Then it got hard. Everything felt great though, and the 45 minutes went by in a flash. I was shocked when he said "time for the cool down!" It felt like 20 minutes. The Total Body Plus workout was a bit of everything; lots of push ups, squats and lunges. It also flew by. It doesn't feel like I did two workouts today, I feel great!

And on that note, Chris took my 90 day photos today, and I compiled my Day 0, 30, 60 and 90 day photos into one. And voila - before and after pictures! I'm so happy with my progress. I love my abs, and I'm definitely going to work to make them better. My arms and shoulders are so toned it's ridiculous, and I actually have calf muscle definition! Loving it!! We'll be doing measurements and weights tomorrow, so I will post those tomorrow - my last post!! I can't believe it!


Day 95 - New Years Day

Happy 2010!

Chris and I rung in the new year by going to my sister's party. She had a bunch of friends and neighbours over, and we had so much food it was unreal. I had "my drink", raspberry flavoured vodka and club soda, and a delicious white beer to ring in the new year. We had a great time, and this morning was even better - sitting around in our pyjamas watching movies. Love the holidays!

When we got home, I did Tony's Fountain of Youth yoga. I still love the yoga. Tomorrow is Core Syn. Chris is going to take my "after" photos tomorrow as well. He did his today, and they look incredible!! He's lost 15 pounds over the last 90 days, and the abs that appeared are unreal. I'm so proud of him, for finishing, for getting the body he wanted, and for keeping me motivated. Congratulations, we're almost done!! <3

Amazing transformation!

Day 94 - More Insanity

Today was supposed to be a rest day, but given that it's New Years Eve (read: there will be drinks and snacks), I figured I better do some cardio beforehand. Since Chris does Insanity workouts regularly, I figured I'd try one again and see if it got any easier from last time. Nope. Still hard, brutal and painful. And my feet were aching the whole time, no idea why. But I did my best, and it's done, and now I can go to my sister's New Years party knowing I did some good for my body today!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Day 93 - Crazy crazy

First half of Kenpo, followed by Kenpo Cardio Plus from P90X+. Whew! I was throwing punches a lot faster than Tony and his friends were - and it showed, because I was in a lather and panting like crazy by the time it was over. I could hardly throw any punches toward the end, I was so tired. But, now that it's over, I feel great, as usual!

Tomorrow is New Years Eve. We are going to my sister and brother-in-law's place for their NYE party. I can't wait! Tomorrow also happens to be a rest day, but we're going to do something to help cancel out the drinks and munchies. Not sure what, maybe an Insanity workout? (Unlikely, since I hate them. We'll see.)

In any event, we have FOUR DAYS of P90X left. I'm still thrown off course from Christmas, and I wish we had started a week earlier. But we're back on track now and it's starting to wind down for us. Hard to believe. I get to tell people now that I finished P90X! Crazy crazy :)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Day 92 - I'm officially a Yogi

I. Love. Yoga.

I really can't stress that enough. I love it. I love the stretching, the holding, the pain and the willpower it takes to get through that pain. The shaking muscles, the huge increase in flexibility from start to finish. Love, love, love! I can't wait to start looking into yoga classes in town. I have no idea what it'd be like to do yoga with a room full of other people. Plus, I'm pretty stoked on learning new poses. P90X has turned me into a yogi! This is good since, according to Women's Health, yoga practitioners tend to eat mindfully, eating when hungry and stopping when full - they think it's because yoga teaches calmness in the face of discomfort, which might make it easier to cave in to cravings.

Speaking of Women's Health, their January issue has a few delicious looking soup recipes. I made one tonight, Savoury Moroccan, which has chicken stock, diced tomatoes, zucchini, chickpeas, artichoke hearts, couscous, parsley, raisins, scallions and spices. YUM! I added chicken myself, boiling it and cutting it into little pieces. The end result? To die for. We had it with a delicious Blue Menu whole-wheat baguette. WH says to make sure that whole wheat is the first ingredient (check), it has no trans fats (check), and it has at least 3 grams of fibre per serving (check!). This recipe definitely made the books. I can't wait to try the other four recipes - and I intend to!

This isn't my final result - I stole it from WH!

And a gratuitous photo of me in Warrior Two.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 91 - Back to the grind

And by grind, I mean workouts that feel amazing after many days of overeating and underexercising.

Day 1 of our last week was Core Synergistics, and it was great. Definitely a little harder, given the 5-day lapse in workouts, but it felt really great to get moving again. I can't believe the change in my attitude, even from half a year ago. I used to go weeks without working out. Now I don't think I could go a couple days without missing the burn.

Christmas was fantastic, wonderful, and relaxing, everything a good Christmas should be. Chris and I had a great time traveling around between families, get-togethers, dinners and present openings. It sure is nice to be home, though. Sometimes you're on the go for so long, you don't realize it until you stop. That happened to me, and only today did I realize how busy we were over the holidays. So nice to lay around our own home and really relax together.

So, I guess this blog will end up being 97 days instead of 90. But that's alright. Tony will just have to rename it P97X. ;)