Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 66 - Back and Biceps!

So, I did Back & Biceps for the first time! I loved it, of course, but I love all weight training exercises. My only issue with this workout is the stupid woman they have in the group - she's so annoying! "BRING THE PAIN, bring it!" "I'm upping my weight, Tony!" "What do you think, Tony?" Uggghhhh she couldn't suck up to him any more even if she tried. She was so irritating!

Anyway, the workout itself was great. I did the pull-ups using a chair, which I think I like better than negative pull-ups. Maybe because they're easier! Also, I love bicep exercises. I've said it before, but I love the workouts that make me feel like a huge manly gym-buff Hulk-type. Plus, I can lift heavier weights than I ever thought I could!

Yoga is next on the docket.. I love it when it's over, but I hate it at the time. It's so long! Oh, and speaking of that, Chris and I ordered Fountain of Youth, a 45-minute fast-yoga workout from Tony's One-On-One series. We figured the cost was worth having a shorter yoga workout, and it had been suggested on the P90X message boards. So whenever we get it and try it out, I'll keep you posted!

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