Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 79 - New protein!

Today's workout was simple, plain ol' Cardio X. I hardly broke a sweat during the yoga and kenpo exercises, I was thinking I was doing great! Then came the plyo section.. I started sweating like hell. But! I enjoyed every single exercise this time around (whereas, in the past, there's always been one that I hated). It's a great workout because it's nice and short - 45 minutes - and it covers everything, from yoga to core syn.

Last night we had a catastrophic incident. We ran out of PROTEIN!!! Okay, it wasn't that bad. But there was only enough for one shake, so we split it, each had half, and shared a protein bar. We were using this professional kind called , but it was a wee bit on the pricey side. So Chris went out this afternoon to WalMart and got a new kind, . I was skeptical because my sister uses protein from WalMart in a vanilla flavour, and when I tried hers, I nearly choked, it was so sweet. But Chris got chocolate (the last kind was chocolate fudge), so I was cautiously optimistic. I had some after my Cardio workout today, and it was tasty! I have to say, I'm very impressed, WalMart. Very impressed.

Old protein vs. new protein

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