Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 10 - 9% done! (That makes it sound pitiful..)

As a result of school, I'm still ridiculously stressed out. Today though, instead of not wanting to work out, I REALLY wanted to work out. I think I learned from my mistakes yesterday.

And so, I worked out. Our programs aligned again, so Chris and I did Arms & Shoulders and Ab Ripper together. This is a really great workout. They'll do three exercises in a row, for example, curls, shoulder flys and tricep kickbacks, then they do those three over again. I like this because I know what's coming so I can be ready, and also because I know how many reps I did the first time, and I can try to match that number the second time. Plus, there were no exercises in Arms & Shoulders that I couldn't do - yippee!

The diet was good today as well, I still haven't faltered with that one. I made Island Pork Tenderloin for supper again, because it's absolutely delicious. We had it with mixed sauteed veggies, and Chris had a salad too. Really great supper. I used to think we ate pretty well, but at night time, we would snack and munch on junk. That's been the biggest change, but like I've said before, I never go to bed hungry. In fact, I can't even sleep if I'm hungry, so I really can't go to bed hungry. I've been known to get up and get something to eat before I could fall asleep.

Speaking of sleep, I have to get to bed. Another early morning tomorrow. We have a social event that we're going to tomorrow night, which will be my first time "breaking" the diet. I'm going to have a few hors-d'oeuvres, but I'm certainly not going to use it as an excuse to pig out! There will also be (free) wine, which means I'll be helping myself to a glass or two. I'm not worried in the least, because I want these results more than I want that glass of wine. I'm still extremely motivated, and one little night out certainly won't deter me!

Yes, please!

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