Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 17 - I can do 2 chin-ups!

It is very late, so this will be a short entry. Sorry!

I just finished Shoulders & Arms and Ab Ripper. I love the stiff feeling my muscles get with weight training - likely a result of the increased blood flow to the muscles, but it feels great. The one exercise I can't do well is the lying down triceps extension. I can tell it's working at first, but my elbows get sore and painful long before my muscles get tired. I compensated by switching to a lighter weight and doing them a little faster, but it's still a little discouraging.

But, on a positive note, I can officially do TWO reverse-grip chin-ups!! Someday, I would love to grab onto a chin-up bar and just give 'er, doing 5, 10, even 20. Maybe 20 is a little ambitious, but just imagine how good it would feel to pump out 20 chin-ups. What a high I would get from that!

And on that note, I must head to bed. Yoga tomorrow evening - bring it!

I bet she can only do 1!

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