Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 15 - Best workout yet!

After a long day of exam-writing and studying, I came home and had the BEST workout yet! I did Core Synergistics, and I can finally do a proper banana! I know how weird that sounds. Banana is when you lay on your back with your legs straight out and off the ground, and your arms above your head. Basically, you look like a banana. Then Tony gets you to roll and hold it on your right side, then belly, then left side, and so on. And I rocked it! I'm so proud.

I love this workout because I'm completely into it. I enjoyed running, but it got boring and I really plateaued after a while.  That was frustrating, because I was working at something that I wasn't seeing any results from. Mind you, I wasn't following this strict diet plan either. I'm not ruling out running entirely, but I'm glad to be done with it for a little while. It was getting tiring.

As busy as I am, I love coming home to do these workouts. I look forward to them throughout the day as a chance to blow off some steam, and I always feel so much better afterward. After tonight's workout, I ate supper, then sat down and studied for two hours. I usually have a hard time focusing this late in the day, but I had a really clear mind and I attribute that to the exercise. And - the best part! - I'm thisclose to putting my palms flat on the ground during my hamstring stretches. I couldn't even touch the ground when I first started! Yaayyyy!

Tomorrow's a 10-hour day, and I'm already looking forward to my one hour of solace: Cardio. Can't wait!


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