Saturday, October 31, 2009

Day 33 - Happy Halloween!

Today wasn't good as far as workouts go. I feel so guilty. Since I didn't get to do my yoga yesterday, I thought I would really bring it tonight. Well, I got halfway through my Legs and Back workout, but I just was not in the mood. In previous times I pushed through the bad mood and it's always turned into a good mood.. Tonight was different, and it's hard to describe.

So, tomorrow we're scheduled for Kenpo. Chris recently got P90X+, and he did the Intervals workout today and he loved it. So, since I missed nearly two days, I'm going to do Intervals tomorrow, and instead of Kenpo (since I don't find it works super well) we're going to do another higher intensity workout. I haven't seen any of the workouts yet, so we'll choose tomorrow.

I spent last night with my cousins and sisters, having our yearly catch-up night. We picked up some fruit and veggie trays, and I took a six-pack of Heineken because it's surprisingly low in calories. I had four and went to bed at midnight, while everyone else stayed up until 6:00 am and shared a quart of rum. Glad I missed out on that one! I was absolutely exhausted and I was falling asleep in the hot tub. But I still had a really great time. I love spending time with my family.

Tonight we had a low-key Halloween, handing out candy with Chris's family. I didn't have any, and it wasn't hard to resist it. I'm finding it easier to resist chocolate and candy, whereas before, I'd be drooling and imagining how tasty it would be (but I still wouldn't eat it!). On the P90X Facebook group, there is a discussion about how people resist Halloween candy, or if they give up and eat some. Most people said they'd have one or two, which I think is fine, but some people said they ate whatever they wanted, had no control, went on a binge, etc, etc. This led me to the conclusion that I'm taking this program far more seriously than most people. I get upset with myself when I miss workouts when most would shrug and say "oh well", and I always pass on junk food when most would say "I'll work it off later".

Speaking of which, I have a subscription to Women's Health and this month had a great fact: it takes 35 minutes of brisk walking to burn off a sugary donut. Doesn't seem worth it to me!

Sugar city!


  1. :(
    Well at least you're doing better then the others, sort of.
    You're feeling guilty if you miss a workout, so there is a chance of success for you. To say i'll work it off later is saying i dont really care about the rules, i'm playing my way.
    I'd wager that years from those others, when asked if p90 worked, they'll say no, it didnt work for me. When in fact they themselves didnt do the work.
    As I sit here chainsmoking , gasping, I'll say , only you can care about you enough to be the best. or something like that.

  2. If you read all of Heather's posts, you'll find that she's missed a grand total of 2 out of 33 days, and that she has been completely faithful to the diet aside from one single day. I would say there is waaay more than just a "chance" for her to succeed.

    Keep bringing it :)

  3. hey chris, im just giving her crap. I've read enough to see she isn't one to make lame ecuses.
    In case this was my only comment you read, all i do is is smoke and sit here uselessly freaked out to go to get help. I see, like I said , heather isn't lazy and going to give up. 90 days is just the start, she'll keep going for years

  4. Heather - do you find Kenpo to be hard to follow? During the first round I don't think I got a very good workout but after the second round I was SOAKED in sweat (and very sore the next day!).

    The difference between my first and second round of Kenpo was that the second time through, I kept pausing the DVD for 30-60 seconds to get the movements down before continuing the workout.

    I don't think I'm coordinated enough to do all those moves (jab, cross, hook, uppercut) in quick succession without the extra practice!

  5. After 34 days, I'm still on the fence with Kenpo. It's tough, and it makes me sweat, but it's really about the effort put in. If lots of effort is put in, I find I get a great workout, but if I didn't feel like bringing it, I can see how it wouldn't be much of a workout.
    And it does take a lot of coordination - Chris still laughs at me when we do it together!