Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 35 - Internet FAIL 2.0

My internet was down again yesterday, hence the lack of posting last night. I called them and they're going to come fix it on Saturday. I'm posting from school right now, but hopefully it's back on for tonight's post.

Yesterday was supposed to be rest/stretch day, but I did NOT feel like sitting around. (Plus, a friend of mine gave me a Lululemon workout top, which motivated me as soon as I put it on!) I did Plyometrics, and it felt great. I skip a few parts, based on last time I did it. I skip the twisting exercises where I'm supposed to spin 180 degrees, back and forth, because it makes me crazy dizzy. And I skip the "bonus" sports exercises, except for the jumpshot since it really gets my heart going. All in all it was a great workout!

Our slow-cooker chicken turned out really well, and we had it with stir-fried vegetables with it. It was very tasty! No idea what's for supper tonight. But it's Core Synergistics for my workout, and I can't wait! I'm in the middle of a crazy period at school so I loving having P90X as an outlet. It decreases my stress level, clears my mind and calms me down. I love it!

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