Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day 41 - Cheat Day 2 of 3

Today was a great day. First of all it was Sunday, which means no class, and second of all I had no homework, so it was a real day off! I started the day by eating oatmeal instead of my regular scrambled egg whites and chicken bacon, then I did laundry and Chris did the dishes. When we were finished being domestic we spent some time with his family, then came home and started Intervals. After that we got ready for Christopher's late birthday dinner, and walked there only to discover the restaurant was closed... So we changed restaurant plans and had a wonderful meal together. Starting P90X we allowed ourselves three cheat days: Thanksgiving, Chris's birthday and Christmas. So for cheat day 2 of 3, we went all out, with butternut squash tarts, spinach stuffed pork chops, haddock fillet with apple chutney, apple and cranberry crisp, and wine! Mmmm, it was perfect. I surprised Chris with a bonus birthday gift, and a visit to a comedy bar in town. He was very surprised, and we had a great time.

So, speaking of Intervals, they were brutal! In Intervals, you do 20 minutes of workouts, then for the last 20 minutes you do the same routine but backwards. I found that I was more tired for the first set than the second! I felt like I was dying the first time around, but the second time I literally got my second wind and I finished with a bang. Then we did Ab Ripper, which we were supposed to do yesterday. I did all 40 Mason Twists with my feet off the ground - very proud! After watching some videos of some people doing Mason Twists over 200 times, 40 doesn't seem so hard.. but it really really is, and I'm proud that I can do them all.

That's it for now - I had a busy day and I'm exhausted! How was your weekend? :)

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