Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Day 43 - Turkey day!

We went over to our friend's place for supper tonight, and she cooked an amazing turkey dinner for us. It was so tasty, and there wasn't even any stuffing or gravy to cheat with! We just had turkey, potatoes, squash and salad. No cheating here! I'm sooo sleepy from the turkey, but it was delicious, and we had a fantastic time. :)

I did Core today, and I think Tony should change the name to Shoulders. That workout works my shoulders so hard, it's unreal. The walking pushups, the plank to chatarunga iso, the plank to chatarunga run.. Shoulders, shoulders, shoulders! You'd think by now that I'd be able to tough it out.. Not the case. I can't finish any of those three without stopping for a little break. BUT! I did the whole steam engine exercise - with speed - for the first time, and I realized today that I've been doing the lunge and reach exercise wrong. I changed my footing today, rotating on the balls of my feet and lunging properly, and it gave me a totally different kind of workout. I really felt it working my back and abs! This is exciting because it means it'll be that much more effective.

And I still can't keep my balance very well in boat, but that's coming!

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day, so since we get a day off, we're going to see A Christmas Carol in IMAX 3D. Very excited! And tomorrow is supposed to be cardio, but if time permits, I'll likely change that to Plyo. But we'll have to wait and see!

Can't wait!!

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