Thursday, November 19, 2009

Day 52 - Run run run

Since I am in my rest week, today was supposed to be a Kenpo day. However, Chris got Insanity the other day and he's been dappling in that, so he decided he wanted to do one of those workouts instead, and I wanted to join him. But, before working out, I had supper (pork and veggies) so I started getting a major stitch in my side. I didn't want to ruin Chris's workout, but I also didn't want to do nothing, so I went for a run. I ran a lot before starting P90X, and I've never really enjoyed it. I found it really hard, frustrating and only rewarding when it was actually over with. My run tonight was the same, only my body handled it much better. I didn't time myself (I wish I had), but I ran 3.7km with one one-minute walking break. My breathing was better, my gait was stronger, my stride was longer and everything just seemed to flow. There was no fighting with my body to keep going, I just went. So, P90X has definitely helped my running.

Chris and I just watched The Making of P90X and it was pretty great. Tony is so funny! And it was neat seeing some of the people from the workout videos in the Making Of, like Wesley and Dreya. The best thing was watching it all come together, from an idea, to a rough draft on paper, to pilot workout groups, to test groups, then to production of the program. It's neat to see behind the scenes, and I highly suggest checking out that Making Of video! Really cool. That's all from me!

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