Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 39 - Yoga with a side of flu symptoms

I never thought I'd see the day that I actually loathed having a week off from everything. I would have killed for this mini-vacation as a kid! I left the house today for the first time since Wednesday (yes, that's only two days) and it felt so great. I am not one to stay indoors and feel sorry for myself, so the second I felt better, I was out the door. It also snowed here for the first time this fall, so we went on a little snow walk / grocery trip, and we rented a movie. It was cold and slushy and raining outside but I didn't care, because I was outside! Yesterday I checked the mail three times, just for the sake of leaving the apartment and walking down the stairs to the mailboxes. Literally going shack-whacky after two days.

I also ate better today. I am back on track with the diet plan, except I didn't have any fruit today. Counterintuitive really, when I'm ultimately trying to get over a virus. Anyway, I feel good about eating well today. I also did Yoga X, which makes me very proud. I was flip-flopping, trying to decide if I felt ready, and when it came time to do it, I figured that my fever and headache were gone, so why not? I did it all, minus the crazy Warrior Three poses.. which, honestly, I can't do well when I'm not sick. So I did the Yoga and I followed the diet guide. Life is good. :)

Tomorrow I have to prepare some pomegranate that I've been putting off preparing. I love pomegranate! I'll definitely have a serving of fruit if there's pomegranate around.

My poms :)


  1. i'm really happy youre feeling better. I love the snow, just not driving in it. We had some last week, it came down really heavy, but only for a minute and was gone by morning

  2. i hear you on the shack-wacky! with pneumonia, the only time i left the house was to go to the hospital :( i literally couldnt get out of bed. then after a week i'd get in trouble for walking to uni... but it felt so good at the time! until i was exhausted when i got home.

    glad yours only lasted a wee while, and not two weeks!

  3. Our snow didn't last long either, it's pretty much gone because of a bit of rain we had.
    Katie, I don't know how you could stand being out of commission for two whole weeks! I think I'd literally go insane!